Everywhere in the world, stroke is a leading cause of death and disability. Stroke is currently more common in India than it is in any other developing market country. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, 1.8 million Americans suffer a stroke every year (National Center for Biotechnology Information).
According to the World Health Organization, a blood artery ruptures or a blood clot prevents blood from reaching the brain. A stroke occurs as a consequence of this interruption in blood flow. Consequently, the brain tissue is destroyed since it is no longer receiving enough oxygen and nutrients.

The Aftereffects of a Stroke:

Following a stroke, the patient may have difficulties with memory, attention, understanding, and decision-making.
Every day is a struggle for them now that they've got to re-learn everything from the very beginning. As a consequence, for stroke patients, every day is crucial to recovery. Physiotherapists, speech therapists, and nurses may all be required to assist them through this challenging period to return to their regular lives assoon as possible after the accident.

Because of this, nursing care is essential for stroke victims.

Following discharge from the hospital, the patient's care does not cease; in fact, the most critical aspects of the patient's care continue after release. A patient's need for nursing care increases after a hospital visit, owing to the illness that the patient has just experienced. A few of the benefits of having a loved one in nursing care are as follows:
● After a hospital stay, infection risks are high, but post- hospital nursing care and continuous follow-up care may help to reduce the likelihood of re-hospitalization.
● Caregivers play a vital part in the healing process and should be supported as much as possible by their families. However, it is possible that being physically there for a patient all of the time will be detrimental to the caregiver's health and lead them to become isolated from the rest of the world. Nursing care provides a helping hand to bereaved families by relieving them of some of the financial and emotional burdens that they are bearing.
● Assistance with day-to-day activities — During this challenging time, nursing attendants can help stroke survivors with their regular routines and activities. Some people may have difficulty with personal hygiene tasks such as bathing, dressings, toilet, and other activities. Nurses help patients overcome physical limits while preserving their dignity, allowing for a more expedited and pleasant rehabilitation process.

At APRC HOME CARE, we provide comprehensive and comprehensive stroke treatment options to ensure a patient's full recovery!! Our specialized offerings include the Stroke Step Down Plan, Stroke Recovery Plan, and Stroke Assistance Plan, to name a few. Each plan provides access to one or more members of our team who have been trained and have extensive expertise in assisting patients in recovering more rapidly.
A stroke patient may find it challenging to go ahead after the event. The good news is that, with the support of their loved ones and proper therapy, individuals may get back on track much more rapidly than they would otherwise!

Nursing Care at Home

Nursing Care at home as offered in a typical hospital while being more compassionate towards the patient and gets integrated into the patient’s.

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Baby Care at Home

If baby care is what you’re looking for then without any further worries you can trust. You can call and check our “my newborn baby care”

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Physio Care at Home

Our physiotherapists help you or your loved one heal fast and regain mobility as early as possible. They will visit your home to assess your need.

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Old Age Care at Home

You may have elderly patients at home, and often times, you may not be able to be with them throughout the day to assist them and help them with their daily chores.

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Injection Care at Home

Getting injection service at home with experienced nurses comes. Find below some of the prominent benefits of having injections administered at home.

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Catheter Care at Home

Catheters are used after surgery to help drain urine from the bladder. After your transplant, you may go home with a Foley catheter. It is important to keep the catheter clean.

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Iv Infusion at Home

Home IV treatment is a way for you or your child to receive IV medicine without being in the hospital or going to a clinic. The nurse will check to make sure the IV is working well and there are no signs of infection.

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Wound Care at Home

Dressing for surgical wounds, diabetic foot, pressure sore, bed sores, burn injuries etc. 100% verified & certified wound care expert at your home. Book your appointment. No Booking Charges

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Nurse Attendent at Home

Avail The Services of Our Trained, Certified & Verified Nursing & Caretaker Staff Now! Live a secure life with APRC Home Care services for elders in India.

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