Our caregivers will help the patient keep their hygiene and the proper functioning of the body. The caregiver will monitor the patient's bodily movements to ensure that they occur appropriately.
The caregiver will make certain that the patient eats their meals comfortably and that they are not experiencing any discomfort due to a specific kind of food or food preparation. Additionally, our caregivers will offer emotional support to our patients, who may be experiencing negative feelings such as sadness, rage, and frustration.
Our physiotherapists are specially trained to ensure that, after assessing the affected areas, the patient is provided with the most appropriate exercise that can be performed comfortably at home to increase the patient's overall stamina levels and shorten the recovery period.
Your loved one will be unable to feel any sensation in the afflicted area due to the paralysis that has occurred. Hemiplegia is a condition in which one side of the body is paralyzed instead of the other. Diplegia is the term used when the condition affects both sides of the body.
There are a variety of factors that may induce paralysis. The most frequent causes for this include any kind of damage to the spinal cord or brain that your loved one has had, a stroke, or multiple sclerosis, among others.
The team of physicians, nurses, attendants, and physiotherapists at APRC HOME CARE provide a wide range of care services to our clients, including:

The advantages of hiring a professional physiotherapist from APRC HOME CARE are as follows:

  • ● All of our physiotherapists have undergone extensive training to ensure that your loved one can do the appropriate exercises in the comfort of their own home.
  • ● The physiotherapist will examine the afflicted regions and provide an exercise and treatment program that will most benefit your family member.
  • ● Initially, the therapist will increase your loved one's general strength and stamina, which will take time.
  • ● Following that, the therapist will assist your loved one in beginning with warm-up exercises and progressing to regular ones that will expedite the healing process as much as possible.
  • ● Once the treatment sessions are over, the therapist will also educate your loved one on how to do the same tasks on their own at home once the sessions are through.
The advantages of hiring a professional caregiver from APRC HOME CARE are many.
  • ●All of our nurses and attendants have undergone extensive training to ensure that yourloved one receives the finest paralysis care possible in the comfort of their own home.
  • ● The caregiver will check the skin for indications of bedsores and will provide first aid if necessary.
  • ● Keep an eye out for ingrown toenails.
  • ● It may prevent bedsores by moving your loved one every 2 or 3 hours throughout the day and night.
  • ● Ensure that your loved one's head is raised when sleeping if the doctor recommends this for them.
  • ● Check the mattress regularly and turn or replace it as needed to keep it in good condition.
  • ● Assist in cleaning your loved one's room and ensuring the areas prone to bedsores are dry and free of debris.
  • ● Provide medication on time and notify the medical team whenever and wherever necessary.

Nursing Care at Home

Nursing Care at home as offered in a typical hospital while being more compassionate towards the patient and gets integrated into the patient’s.

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Baby Care at Home

If baby care is what you’re looking for then without any further worries you can trust. You can call and check our “my newborn baby care”

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Physio Care at Home

Our physiotherapists help you or your loved one heal fast and regain mobility as early as possible. They will visit your home to assess your need.

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Old Age Care at Home

You may have elderly patients at home, and often times, you may not be able to be with them throughout the day to assist them and help them with their daily chores.

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Injection Care at Home

Getting injection service at home with experienced nurses comes. Find below some of the prominent benefits of having injections administered at home.

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Catheter Care at Home

Catheters are used after surgery to help drain urine from the bladder. After your transplant, you may go home with a Foley catheter. It is important to keep the catheter clean.

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Iv Infusion at Home

Home IV treatment is a way for you or your child to receive IV medicine without being in the hospital or going to a clinic. The nurse will check to make sure the IV is working well and there are no signs of infection.

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Wound Care at Home

Dressing for surgical wounds, diabetic foot, pressure sore, bed sores, burn injuries etc. 100% verified & certified wound care expert at your home. Book your appointment. No Booking Charges

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Nurse Attendent at Home

Avail The Services of Our Trained, Certified & Verified Nursing & Caretaker Staff Now! Live a secure life with APRC Home Care services for elders in India.

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